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5 Ways to Support Your Child’s Love For Gaming

It’s no secret that kids love video games and want to play every chance they get but it’s hard for parents to keep up with this constantly changing world of technology. The opportunity to get a college scholarship for gaming, become a professional player, or simply work in the gaming industry are now more accessible than ever.

Here are the Top 5 ways parents can support their child’s love for video games.

1. Play on a gaming team

  • Just like youth sports teams, signing your child up for an organized video game team will help them build confidence, work well with others, and of course, get better at the games they love. Studies have shown that kids who play video games are more likely to enter a STEM related career field later on.

2. Start creating YouTube content

  • Having your child turn their gameplay into fun highlight videos they can share with their friends is a great way to develop creative skills and show off their skills! Editing can even be done on smartphones.

3. Watch video game competitions

  • There’s no better way to connect with your child than sharing a passion and fandom for their favorite team and players. Gaming competitions are free to watch on and YouTube. No matter what game your child enjoys, there are plenty of competitions to watch and learn from.

4. Play with them!

  • No need to be afraid - not all games require hardcore gaming skill. Social games like Among Us and Fall Guys are fun ways for the entire family to spend time together and can be played on mobile devices. Not all games require advanced gaming PCs.

5. Understand online safety

  • Talking to your child about online safety and who they are playing with is actually a way to ensure they have more fun when playing video games. Online gaming is more fun with friends so if you know of other kids, siblings, or relatives that play, make sure your child is playing with them and not random people online.

If you're interested in helping your child be the best they can be, in the game and in life, check out NXT UP Esport's gaming summer camps. Kids are taught important life skills like teamwork, communication, and accountability through an activity they love: video games!

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