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Valhallan is a youth development program that teaches kids important life skills through video games. We believe that the lessons kids learn from being a part of a team can extend to all parts of their personal lives, now and in the future.

Our program curriculum focuses on developing each player's self-confidence, communication skills, leadership ability, and of course, their in-game skills. The best part: they'll have fun while doing it!


  • Players only communicate with other kids and coaches in the program - not random people they meet online.

  • Our programs are structured and led by trained coaches.

  • All coaches pass third party background checks before they work with the kids. 

  • Our coaches come to us as high level players; we train them to work with kids. Many of the coaches are players at the top collegiate esports teams in the country.

Kids who play video games are three times as likely to pursue a STEM related career path than those who don't?



  • The professional video game industry is growing at a rapid pace!

  • Over 300 colleges have esports programs and over 100 award scholarships to high level players.

  • There are viable career paths in the video game industry aside from being a professional player. Whether your child is interested in art, design, law, business, or player development, more job opportunities are being created everyday.

Video games are now SAFE, SOCIAL, and still FUN!


  • Safety: You can now feel safe knowing who your child is playing with. Kids love to know that they are playing against their peers too!

  • Manage your child's screen time: Many parents use our programs as a way to control when and how long their child plays video games.

  • Video games are no longer "a waste of time": Our programs teach social development as much as in-game improvement. With college scholarships and many new career paths being formed, the video game industry is a real opportunity for life long success.

  • Parents save time: No driving to and from practices. Our programs are virtual so kids can participate from home while you can get the things done that you need to.


Valhallan is an inclusive community of players and coaches. All programs are co-ed and open to players of all skill levels.

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