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NXT UP Esports Scholarship Program Officially Opens

NXT UP Esports was founded on the idea that gaming can teach, inspire, and grow individuals and communities. From day one, we knew that we had a responsibility to help grow the industry in a way that aligned with our mission. Today, we are proud to officially announce the launch of the NXT UP Esports Scholarship Program! The program will provide financial and educational resources to college students interested in pursuing a career in the esports or gaming industries so that they too can help build up the community we love.

Funding for the scholarship program comes directly from registration fees from our Youth Esports Leagues and Esports Summer Camps. The program is open to students in any field of study - a demonstrated passion for gaming and desire to improve the gaming community are the core judgement criteria. Two students will be awarded $1000 after conclusion of the application process. As we continue to grow our programs, the Scholarship Program grow in breadth and depth allowing us to impact more students across the country.

We'd like to thank our partners, coaches, community members, OFIC, and of course, our players, who without them, this scholarship program would not be possible!

To apply for the NXT UP Esports Scholarship Program, please visit the scholarship program's application page.

For more information on the NXT UP Esports Scholarship Program, please visit our website here.

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