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"Little League for Video Games!

Teaching students life skills through video games

Who We Are

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We believe video games and esports should be a catalyst for the personal growth and social development of young people. We’re a collection of gamers that think team-based activities and competitions build confidence and bring kids a sense of belonging that is critical to their long term development. Our experience in professional gaming, pro sports, and the largest youth development programs in the country bring value to our players.

What We Do

We’re a full-service program operator for middle and elementary schools that want to add esports to their extracurricular and after school program offerings. Unlike normal online gaming, our programs teach kids in-game and personal development skills in a fun and safe environment.


-Player Registration & Roster Creation

    We manage the player registration portal, payment processing, team roster creation, and coaching assignments.


-Coach Training

    We’ll find, train, and put coaches through third party background checks before they work with students.


-League Scheduling

    We work with school administration to create league competition and practice schedules that align with afterschool or summer programming.


-Virtual or Hybrid League Model

    Players can play from a school site or from their homes.

Our programs mimic youth sports leagues: players join a team and work with a coach in weekly practices and games.

Safe, Social & Fun

Kids get better at the games they love while having fun!

In-Game Skills

Our unique league and team model is flexible to fit the needs of any school or district. 

Flexible Model


Players are taught teamwork, accountability, and other life skills they bring apply to their lives outside of the game.

Life Skills


Players only communicate with other kids in the program, not strangers online.

Player Safety


We provide trained, high level coaches to teach players in-game skills, supervise practices, and prevent bullying.

Trained Coaches


For more information on how you can add an esports team or league to your elementary or middle school, email us at or write us a message on our Contact Us page!

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